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real estate photography, lexington,ky
real estate photographer, lexington, ky

Real Estate Photography in Lexington, KY

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Professional real estate photography in Lexington, KY continues to soar in global popularity. From real estate photography in Lexington, KY showcases and real estate photographer in Lexington, KY websites to blogs – the demand for these real estate photography in Lexington, KY services is always high. With years of extensive industry experience, we continue to provide high-end imagery for a myriad of clients and customers. In fact, our work is proudly displayed across multiple real-estate platforms and venues. With a strong eye on detail and precise shots that capture the allure and essence of properties, we simply love what we do and are committed to excellence across the board. As a reputable and leading company, our track record speaks for itself and one call is all you need to secure timely and affordable services.

What Exactly is Real Estate Photography?

Real estate photography is much more than just point and shoot. It’s a carefully crafted skill and technique that helps agents sell properties and lifestyles. From modern and contemporary homes to traditional units, the real-estate photographer utilizes lighting, positioning, and other learned tools to effectively attract and engage viewers. He or she not only helps radiate properties – but also – serves as a hidden link connecting agents with viewers. Our professional real estate photography services include but are not limited to:

·         High-end, digital, and traditional photos for real-estate agents, architectural firms, buyers, sellers, property investors and more.

·         Photography for open houses, remodels, new property listings, existing listings, new commercial establishments, before and after shots for property renovations.

·         Photos for real-estate websites, blogs, pamphlets, advertising campaigns, marketing materials, business cards and more.

·         Expert images for listing agents, resellers, commercial/residential restoration companies and more.

As always, we utilize the latest in photographic equipment and accessories. This includes digital, SLR, high-speed, low-speed, stop motion capture and more. If you are struggling with attracting clients to properties, chances are you may need top-notch and vibrant photography to increase sales and interest. Contact us today and get the best.

top 5 tips for real estate drone photography in Lexington, KY

Consider The Time Of The Day

The difference between morning, afternoon and midday is very huge in the world of photography. The time of the day you select to fly your drone will have a significant impact when it comes to the quality of light. In the early morning and sometime towards late afternoon, you will get more warm colors. To help you blend the texture and shadow accurately in your shots, you will need to choose a right time of the day.

Make The Most Of The Altitude

Drone photography is fun because it involves capturing objects and landscapes from different new perspectives and angles. You will be able to capture more landscape features in your shots if only you go higher. You should take some time varying your altitude so that you can see how it works. You will need some little experimentation for better real estate listing photos

Plan Your Shots Accordingly

Think about how you will blend your flight plan and the time of the day to come up with the best images. You need a flight plan in your mind so that you can think about your subject and make a decision on the best way of capturing it.

Always Shoot In RAW

Just like MP4 or JPEG, RAW is also a file format. The only difference is that RAW will capture all of the photo’s data that is recorded by your drone whenever you capture your images. RAW gives you an opportunity to produce quality images that you can later process and edit.

Post Processing Is Paramount

It is important to give your videos and photos a bit of some touching up to come up with the best. This may involve editing the contrast, resizing, bracketing and others.


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